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Walkthrough, bidding, and job proposal software for facility service businesses.

Digitize your entire sales process - from walkthrough to new client.

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Introducing Route Marketplace

Manage your Prime & Subcontracting relationships
Easily, Effectively, and Efficiently.

Company profile

Your own mini website that highlights your brand, your company stats, and lets you shine a spotlight on your business.

Contract Posting

A simple and easy-to-use contract posting feature. Two clicks and your contract is LIVE.


Transform those contract details into an invoice in the platform. You will never forget to invoice your Prime contractor and vice versa you will never forget to receive your Subcontractor's invoices.

Interactive Map

Using a Real Time Map, you can see where Contracts and Contractors are located.

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The pulse of your cleaning business.

Lead Management

Use our robust lead management process to keep track of your leads and convert qualified leads to contracts.

Contract Insights

Using Route+ powered by Route AI we'll analyze your contracts, break down every number and give you feedback.

Bidding Calculator

Calculating acontract and knowing where the money goes has never been easier, start using our bidding calculator on Route+.

Map Feature

Contracts, employees, applicants and suppliers in one map

Hiring Applications

Create job posts and have people apply in your career page on Route+

Hiring Applicants

Streamline tedious tasks in your hiring process by creating a pool of all your possible candidates.

Task Manager

Organize your activities, track tasks to completion, and delegae subtasks to teammates.

Content Library

Content designed with business owners and business operations in mind

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration for Route 1.0 users. Right from the menu. In a single click.

Sales Mentorship

Our Sales Mentorship Program is created to help the cleaning community win at business through handy and support.

Spanish Language

Route+ comes with an integrated, seamless option to choose Spanish or English language.

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Built by Service Providers,
for Service Providers.

Route is the only software offering powerful walkthrough, estimating, and proposal features specifically designed for sales teams.

Walkthrough Builder™

Quickly capture details about the location and your scope of work. Build your estimate and contract in minutes.

Integrated CRM features

Your clients, contacts and leads will never be lost again. Set up your accounts and services just the way you always wanted to.

Cross-platform: Start in the field, finish from a desk

We support iOS, Android and the web.

The best and most accurate estimate wins in the long run

Estimator helps you avoid underbidding, ensuring every customer relationship with your business is profitable.

Simple, native one-click sharing

Share your work your way. Choose from email, text message, or any other application on your device.

Generate proposals and contracts from templates

Save hours of tedious work and customize each contract PDF in seconds.

As Easy As

  1. Walkthrough
  2. Estimate
  3. Proposal

Walkthrough Builder™

Always meet expectations by having a perfect digital breakdown of a client's location. For the first time, walkthroughs can be performed with a smartphone and digitized so they can easily be referenced and shared.
  • - Capture square footage
  • - Take photos
  • - Save floor types
  • - Count fixtures
  • - Save client hot points


Use walkthrough data to effortlessly create a bid with the estimator.
Accurately forecast your profitability and costs for multiple service types.
Streamline the bidding process with 3 bidding methodologies. Allow your sales teams to quote work for services seamlessly and effectively.

Proposal Generator

Stand out to your leads with impressive custom proposals.
Generate a scope of work and send it to the client with just one click.
The proposal generator includes all of the essential elements to satisfy contract requirements and can be created in minutes.
Stand above the competition with the ability to import your walkthrough notes and photos, create custom scope of work templates, and add company logos.

What Route Users Say

The ability to organize data [...] you don't lose it, you're not confused about what your notes were.
- Greg Batterton (Reliable Cleaning)
Route will assist in helping companies manage and grow their businesses in various areas, especially the smaller size companies who now will be able to scale at a much more rapid pace.
Route has provided Citywide a way to digitally store all of our walk-through information in one place in a concise, organized fashion to reference from anywhere at any time. This alone has been a great way to go green regarding paper usage within our organization. Route is a great tool for any BSC looking to scale up their business and stay organized in the process.
Our industry operates on thin margins. Having technology allows our proposals to stand out. Detailed tracking helps us find efficiencies and become more competitive. Route will help us continue to win more bids.
It allows us to develop our sales team. [...] I just need hustlers to go out and sell. They don't need to be janitor's, they don't even need to know anything about the industry.
- Kyle Rangel (Rangel Services)
The proposals take me the longest. That's my pain point.
- Barb Bryan (Reliable Cleaning)