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Grow The Business Beyond Spreadsheets

Winning new business means submitting the right bid for the prospect at the right time and at the right price. Route's Estimator streamlines the process with 3 bidding methodologies that allow sales teams to quote work for all of their company's services seamlessly and effectively.

By Hourly Rate

Bid projects by projected hours, calculated with information from the walkthrough and your production rate.

By Square Footage

Price jobs using your cost per square foot, the prospect's total square footage, and your production rate.

By Fixtures

Calculate estimates using your cost per fixture and the total fixture count in the prospect's space.

Walkthrough To Estimate In Minutes, Not Hours

No more paper, no more spreadsheets. Quote work better using information gathered during your team's walkthrough.
With Route's Estimator, even starting from scratch yields increased accuracy and time savings.
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Account For Every Cost

Break down every expense with easy to understand line items for Labor, Equipment and Supplies.
Include One Time and Recurring Costs, Team Composition, Overhead, and any other relevant costs in your bid with the option to make them billable to the prospect.

Bid Accuracy Ensures Long Term Account Success

Know exactly how much you need to charge a client by reviewing month to month profitability for every bid.
Projections help visualize forecasted revenues, expenses and profit, allowing you to ensure profitability on every proposal.

Win Them Over With Speed

No bid is complete without a formal Proposal. With Route, generating a personalized Service Agreement and Scope of Work for multiple services from a completed Estimate is truly effortless.
Win more business by impressing prospects with your turnaround time, tech savvy and attention to detail.
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Bring the best out of your growth with powerful software built for service companies, and the help of our customer success team.