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Inspection Reporting Features

Inspections are the foundation of a company's quality assurance process, since they ensure that the scope of work is being completed in a consistent manner while providing the feedback necessary for your team to improve. An ideal inspection report improves employee engagement by simultaneously informing your employees when they are doing a great job.

Offline First Mobile App

Don't depend on Connectivity. Being Offline Enabled ensures you'll capture every detail in the field.

Emphasize Great Work

Employees respond negatively to classic grading scales, leading to reduced job satisfaction. With Route, you can focus on the Positive.

Markup Photos By Area

Show employees exactly where they can improve with pictures and markup editing.

Simple One-Click Sharing

Review clean and organized Walkthrough data from any device. Export it to PDF to easily share with your team or client.

Bring Positive Feedback To The Forefront.

Most Inspections are all about what your team did wrong. Change the narrative with empowering reports that showcase your team's greatness.

Make Inspection Reports exciting for teams with a focus on the good. Employees who feel appreciated are more receptive to working on areas where they need to make corrections.




Powerful Image Markup

A Picture's worth a thousand words. Drive feedback home with photos and annotations that illustrate the message.

An Inspection Report is the perfect opportunity to educate your employees while ensuring consistent, high-quality work. Expert supervisors can spot when incorrect, underwhelming or old methods of work are occurring. Show teams precisely where they can improve with detailed notes, close up pictures and thoughtful annotations.

Easy Access, One Click Sharing

Simple One-Click Sharing

Sending and Receiving Inspection Reports should be the easy part. Route's sharing tools let you send Inspections through channels your team already uses, such as Email or SMS.

    Inspection Reports provide an organized breakdown of the team's performance, moving through each area where the inspector's notes are organized neatly for easy digestion.

    Save hours of tedious work preparing your Inspection Report for sharing. Convert to PDF in one click and share away.

    Make sure customers are happy while handling any complaints that might head your way by sharing Inspection Reports with them. They'll love your proactive approach.

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