Team Management

An all encompassing workforce management portal technicians get on board with.

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Technicians Now Have Superpowers

Give your teams the data driven recognition they deserve while showcasing their unique talents and accomplishments.


Reward Employees for their dedication to the craft with progression based Badges that showcase their hard work.

Work Skills

Tag Technicians by the Services they've been trained for and use them to assign work, manage schedules, and plan labor costs.

Health & Fitness

It's easy to forget how great of a workout your job can be. Route's Mobile App tracks steps and calculates total calories burned.

"Magic Link" Invitations

Manage users on your team without the administrative hassle.

Securely send invitations to join your company to your employees' email inboxes. Their profiles will be automatically added to your company portal after they accept.

Role Based Access Control

Control how your workforce interacts with your business data.

Manage employee access to clients, teams, work and more based on a scope limited to the role they play for your business. Route features three roles: Member, Manager, and Owner. Members are able to view and edit work only in the service categories they've been assigned. Managers have broadened access, able to view and edit work in service categories they've been trained for. Owners have full access over the entire company portal.

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