Workflow Management

Achieve Service Excellence From Request to Response With Offline Enabled Task Management.

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Core Workflow Management Features

Not every service comes with a long term contract. For some providers, particularly those heavily focused in special service segments or maintenance work, these services can be the lifeblood of your business. For others, Requests Tickets are commonplace while servicing larger Clients. Managing Workflows with Route enhances team performance in the field while providing management with the visibility and data they crave.

Offline First Mobile App

Don't depend on Connectivity. Being Offline Enabled ensures you'll capture every detail in the field.

Task Management

Organizing and completing tasks is intuitive and effective for any type of service.

Clocking Team Shifts

Gain unprecedented visibility in to Team Performance while tracking Payroll with Task Completion Times, Clock Ins, Clock Outs and more.

Support in Real Time

Locked out of the building? Need a Supervisor? Your Team Lead's contact information is visible on the Job for effortless communication.

Redefine Work In the Field

Become a data driven Service Company with real time updates from the job site.

Assign work and track progress from any computer. Your team can view the job info out in the field from their phones, and with one touch task completions, collecting real time data on site about performance is seamless.
Dive into the details and uncover important insights from your entire business like never before while holding teams to a new level of accountability.

    Schedule and assign team members, then set tasks for jobs with a few clicks. Share the information with the Route app.

    No more confusion about jobs. Assign your team, create custom tasks tailored for the job, and track clock ins and clock outs.

    Check the status of jobs anywhere and anytime. Confirmation of completed work at glance with photos, timestamps, and notes.

Manage Workflows From Areas to Tasks

Dynamic Workflows any Team can follow without changing their underlying process in the field.

Designed to fit the needs of any team, Route Workflows provide teams with everything they need to get the job done their way.
Use Areas to gather data about Rooms - or groups of them - such as dimensions, floor type, and hot points from your Client's space in the field.
Tasks are perfect for defining the Scope of Work, and in tandem with Areas create a picture perfect representation of the job at hand for your Technicians.

Great Performance Calls For Great Metrics.

Workflows record everything from completion times to calories burned, empowering teams to take their service to the next level.


    The black hole has subsided. Task completion times are recorded on every swipe, even without internet.

    Building Services are a great workout. Route keeps track of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

    Recognize outstanding performance across the organization with gamified team profiles that reward their big accomplishments.

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