The Optimal Platform for Post Construction Cleaning

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Streamline Your Post Construction Cleaning Business

From sales to operations, Route has the tools you need.

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Exceed Client Expectations

Create a perfect portrait of a prospect's space, improving bid accuracy.
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Close More Deals

Impress prospects with professional proposals perfectly tailored to them.
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Complete Job Transparency

No more confusion about jobs and confirm completed work at a glance.

Complete Post Construction Walkthroughs

Every construction job leaves a different mess. Use Route’s mobile Walkthrough Builder to easily record notes, photos, and measurements to track what needs to be cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, mopped or removed for your estimate and proposal.
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Polished Post Construction Cleaning Proposals

Create a professional proposal in minutes using Route’s Proposal Generator. Import all the details from your post construction walkthrough and add your cleaning service charges to create a complete proposal that lets your clients know exactly what they need.
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Efficient Cleaning Work Management

Streamline each job from start to finish with Route’s Workflow Management. Delegate jobs and tasks based on team member’s skills. Watch the progress of your cleanings in real time with task completion timestamps, before and after photos, notes and more.