Empowering Strip And Wax Companies With Floor Services Software

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Streamline Your Strip and Wax Services Business

From walkthrough to new client, Route has the tools you need.

Exceed Client Expectations

Create a perfect portrait of a prospect's space, even without internet.

Precise, Profitable Bidding

Improved bid accuracy with or without a completed walkthrough.

Close More Deals

Impress prospects with professional proposals perfectly tailored to them.

Easier Strip and Wax Walkthroughs

Every strip and wax job is a bit different, and taking handwritten notes to estimate the scope of work takes too long. Route’s Walkthrough Builder™ easily captures all the details on the job site in the palm of your hand: square footage, floor type, photos, notes and more.
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Reliable Strip and Wax Estimates

Give clients an accurate estimate on the fly with Route’s Estimator. Simply use the square footage from the walkthrough and your notes on the level of cleaning needed. Enter your price per square foot and you have an estimate you can share right away.
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Quick and Professional Proposals

No more complicated proposals that take hours to type up. Route’s Proposal Generator takes all the details you recorded from your strip and wax job walkthrough and imports them into your proposal. Add your service rates and you have a professional proposal in minutes.
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Win More Business With Route Today

Bring the best out of your growth with powerful software built for service companies, and the help of our customer success team.