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“Route is helping cleaning companies compete in the market from the beginning by providing tools that will help them grow. Route is creating a foundation for these small businesses to build a brand, create a company, and drive profits. Utilizing technology in this space is the future and its great to see someone bring that in."

Master pricing, win more bids, and standout from the competition – all in a few clicks. 

Your key to accurate estimations.

Unlock true precision in your Scope Of Work.

The Walkthrough Builder lets you quickly captures every onsite detail into notes, images, and videos.

Eliminate oversight with comprehensive estimates.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and human error.

Step up your bidding game by leveraging industry best practices to prevent underbidding and foster cost management.

Simply plug in your job specifics, costs, and margins to calculate an estimate that maximizes profits without compromising service quality. 

Fast track winning proposals.

Expedite your bidding process and stand out in the crowded marketplace with a professional proposal builder.

Save time and energy by automatically generating proposals based on your walkthrough and estimate data.

Mission control for your bidding and sales.

Fuel your business success with a centralized point to track performance metrics and growth indicators. 

Quick access to the heartbeat of your business enables you to steer in the right direction and seize opportunities as they arise. 

Go From Walkthrough to Proposal in a Matter of Minutes.

Trusted by 1000+ cleaning companies. Charge ahead with Route Bid.

Start your journey right away and outshine the competition, one bid at a time.

“I have heard from countless clients who said we chose you because your proposal was clear, easy to read, and looked more professional than the competitors. If you're trying to up your game and you want to be able to win more clients, you've got to use the Route platform.”
Gerran Sprauve
Clean Slate

Unify, simplify, and amplify your cleaning operations.

Take your commercial cleaning business to new heights by enabling quick decision-making and efficient workforce management.

Replace number crunching with strategic decision-making

Effortlessly dive into your contract details with Route Pulse’s Contract Analysis.

Decipher contracts in an instant to reveal crucial metrics that help boost your bottom line. 

Make workforce management a breeze.

Route Pulse’s Intelligent Cleaning Schedule is designed to reduce your administrative burden.

Get your team to the right place at the right time and improve productivity.

Get a bird’s eye view of your operations.

By integrating  your data over an intuitive map you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your operations and make decisions in a snap. 

Revolutionize how you interact with business intelligence to swiftly pivot with operational changes.

Lead your team to success at a moments notice.

In the dynamic environment of commercial cleaning the ability to efficiently manage tasks is paramount.

Stay ahead of the curve with instant alerts and responsive task management. 

From Operational Chaos to Streamlined Success.

Make your operations PULSE with efficiency.

Optimize day-to-day operations, improve profitability, and exceed customer expectations, all from one easy-to-use platform.

“Our industry operates on thin margins. Having technology allows our proposals to stand out. Detailed tracking helps us find inefficiencies and become more competitive. Route will help us continue to win.”
Juan Padilla
Spotless Cleaning

On the hunt for more opportunities? 

Leverage the strength of our groundbreaking marketplace to find more opportunities, build your brand, and stay on top of contracts in your area. 

Win Contracts

Find contracts that align with your team's capabilities, strengths, and locations. Open new connections with prime contractors, bid, win, and retain clients, all in the MARKETPLACE.

Invoice & Billing

Stay organized and efficient in billing across all of your contracts, and get reminders to invoice your Prime contractors so you can get paid on time.

Company Profile

Your own company profile that highlights your brand, your company stats, and lets you shine a spotlight on your business.

“The Route Marketplace will change the way that all BSCs, regardless of their size, interact with one another to create a more effective and efficient communication platform.”
SC Johnson

Meet Route: The game changer for your business.  

The full Route Ecosystem offers building service contractors a suite of cutting-edge technology to win contracts, build proposals, and streamline operations.

Built by cleaning company owners for cleaning company owners. 

“Becoming a route user was one of the best decisions we've made. We wanted a better system for pricing jobs and teaching salespeople how to do it. What we found out is that Route offered a lot more opportunities for us to really systemize. If you're looking for a way to get more of your time back and create a system that you can grow your business at exponentially, definitely use the Route platform.”
Josh Melton
Athens Cleaning