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Join a community of the most trusted prime and subcontractors in the cleaning industry to access open contracts near you. Get notified when a new job fits your company profile, apply to win the contract, and get paid, all from Route Marketplace.

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Find contracts that align with your team's capabilities, strengths, and locations. Open new connections with prime contractors, bid, win, and retain clients, all in one platform.

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Stay organized and efficient in billing across all of your contracts, and get reminders to invoice your Prime contractors so you can get paid on time.

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Your own company profile that highlights your brand, your company stats, and lets you shine a spotlight on your business.

Bridging the Gap Between Prime and Subcontractors in Commercial Cleaning Marketplaces

"Enhanced Direct Communication" (EDC) function promotes transparency and efficient collaboration by enabling direct, real-time communication between these two key stakeholders. With EDC, parties can quickly exchange vital information, negotiate terms, resolve issues, and make key decisions - all in a centralized, secure digital environment.

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