Unify Operations and Boost Efficiency

By consolidating essential functions into a single platform, you reduce administrative tasks and optimize operational efficiency. Eliminate double entry, empower your team, and manage your operations in PULSE.

Contract Insights

Optimize Profits with our Contract Analysis Feature: Automatically decipher contract details, revealing critical metrics like production rate, hourly charges, cost, and profit. Gain crucial insights swiftly and strategically, freeing you to focus on providing top-tier cleaning services.

Cleaning Schedule

Workforce management can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to tracking, managing, and storing data related to employees' hours, arrival, departure times, and breaks. Our software addresses this challenge with our Comprehensive Employee Time Management Solution.

All-Encompassing Geo-Mapping Interface

Pulse now includes a state-of-the-art, all-encompassing Geo-Mapping Interface, specifically designed to meet the complex needs of commercial cleaning companies. This feature revolutionizes how you view and interact with crucial business information by integrating all your key data onto one interactive, intuitive map.

Advanced Task Management and Notification System

In the dynamic environment of commercial cleaning companies, the ability to efficiently manage tasks is paramount to success. Our software introduces the Advanced Task Management and Notification System, a highly responsive and organized feature designed to streamline your operations and maximize customer satisfaction.

Subscription Options

Choose a plan that’s right for you

  • Dashboard
  • Clients
  • Locations
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Chat
  • Reports
  • Bidding Calculator
  • Education
  • 1 Administrator
  • 5 Cleaning Technicians
  • Strategic Map
  • Inventory Management
  • Task Manager
  • Recruitment
  • Invoice (Coming Soon)
  • Quickbooks Integration (Coming Soon)
  • 1 Administrator
  • 2 Managers
  • 15 Cleaning Technicians
  • VIP Support
  • Contract Insights
  • Lead Management
  • Fleet Management (Coming Soon)
  • Key Management (Coming Soon)
  • Virtual Assistant (Coming Soon)
  • 2 Administrator
  • 5 Managers
  • 35 Cleaning Technicians
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