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How To Perform A Walkthrough For Painting Services

Author: Route Nation

This article outlines how building service companies perform walkthroughs for painting services, tools to bring, and what to look for to include in a proposal.

A walkthrough for painting services will prepare you to make a smart bid. It also readies the client to accept your proposal. It finally communicates your professionalism on the job. Whether performed on paper or through an app, you will repeat the process for each prospective client. Choose a process and tools that enhance your services.

The traditional approach is pen and paper. The hurried, scattered process of pen-and-paper might lead you to believe that walkthroughs are difficult. Anyone with a passion for their craft and a simple app can perform a walkthrough. This guide gives you everything you need to know to complete this phase of the job. It also outlines the next best tool for painting service walkthroughs.

You can begin by preparing for the walkthrough through the right appearance, questions, and supplies. Then, you complete a simple painting walkthrough checklist. Finally, you use tools to turn walkthrough insights into working bids.

Preparing for the Walkthrough

How to Dress

The choice of dress at a walkthrough can be challenging. Some commercial painting contractors feel comfortable in jeans and a hard hat. There’s nothing technically wrong with that. Others prefer business casual, and we recommend it.

Business casual means that a painting installation walkthrough or painting maintenance walkthrough sends the message, “I mean business.” Feel like you’re doing business in your clothing? You can proceed to the next step in how to perform a painting walkthrough.

What to Ask

During your walkthrough, you can gain insight from the client by asking questions specific to the job. Be ready with questions as you complete the site inspection. This will help you cross off a few items off your pre-drywall or final painting walkthrough checklist.

Some questions for a walkthrough for painting installation are how previous project have gone with other contractors, what their big vision is, and whether they have a healthy budget for your services. If you’re on a walkthrough for painting maintenance, you might also be interested in their expectations for labor, material, and total cost going forward.

Ask anything that will make your walkthrough the best it can be. Get specific, and clients will appreciate your interest. They may even share crucial information about the job such as allowed hours and coordination with a project schedule.

What to Bring

What to bring on a walkthrough for painting contractors greatly depends on the scope of the project and the space. Knowing the dimensions of the space will let you leave your tape measure at home, and a camera is enough.

But, despite the size of the space or what you already know, bring something to intelligently record client answers to questions and you're walkthrough findings. This is one of your tools for painting walkthroughs. (Pen-and-paper is often not the simplest, and it makes a casual impression.)

How to Perform a Painting Service Walkthrough

If you arrive on time, properly dressed, and tools in hand, then you are ready to follow a few steps to complete your walkthrough, submit a winning bid, and get hired for a commercial painting contract.

Walkthrough Checklist:

  • Greet the client and start to see the project spaces.

Starting a walkthrough with a professional, a friendly tone and initiating a space inspection is critical. Remember to greet your client with a smile while you work through the space to help your client relax about requirements and difficulties of the project.

  • On your tour, ask questions you prepared for the client.

Remember to ask any follow-up questions that come to mind on topics that require clarification. Your client will notice your diligence and your ability to stay focused on project demands.

  • Explain how you will provide estimates.

A walkthrough for painting contractors is as much about the contractor as the client. Part of the process will require you to be open and honest with your client. Be prepared to explain how you work and what goes into your bid.

  • Set expectations by communicating your services.

When a client is confident with what they expect from your painting services, you will avoid confusion in the future. This point in the walkthrough is an appropriate time to also point out what services you can uniquely offer.

  • Review your notes with the client.

Go over your findings and their responses with the client to give a sense of closure and allow the client to add any final notes to the record.

  • Leave a card with a specific follow-up time.

If you reassure the client that you will be in touch with a bid or proposal at a specific time, they can spend less time being unsure about your painting services. As always, make sure to thank the client for their time and candor during the walkthrough.

Walkthrough Tools

The tools that help you prepare and record your findings during a walkthrough will significantly impact your efficiency and ultimately your ability to make a bid. The tools you use will also communicate certain messages to the client about how you do business and how prepared you are to bid on the commercial project at large.

Traditional Tools

Pen and paper are still, unfortunately, quite common on walkthroughs. Such approaches have their pitfalls. They can scatter your insights and ideas. Also, they can communicate a lack of preparedness as well as a lack of professionalism. In addition, they require hours of careful interpretation before they can become working and winning bids. If that wasn’t enough, there is a risk of losing your notes permanently when you rely on paper.

We recommend using better tools to give a modern and professional impression of your services. Our recommendation has a specifically designed Walkthrough Builder™ to create custom walkthroughs for each client.

The Route App

The Route App is a smart tool for creating walkthroughs and mastering the bid process. It offers a business management platform for painting contractors. What does that mean? Route gets into the weeds with you. It helps you save time during walkthroughs, have professional proposals, and helps you manage every step of your projects with ease.

Our advanced software is built for the needs of painting professionals. It is used by company owners to increase profitability through effective bidding. The app’s Walkthrough Builder™ transforms how you inspect and complete a bid.

Walkthrough Builder™, Estimator & Proposal Generator

How it Works

Route does everything you need to estimate a paint job. Managing clients, scheduling walkthroughs, and recording data replaces messy notes and traditional paper methods. You’ll take clear, cloud-ready notes on-the-go. You’ll capture every detail of a client’s space and project by recording dimensions, wall types, photos, and more.

Route’s Walkthrough Builder™ helps you avoid the most common mistakes of using pen and paper for walkthroughs. It also helps you to exceed client expectations by making for quick and accurate bids. You can share your notes quickly and easily as well as access them from any computer for custom proposal writing for your paint job.

Then, you use the built-in Proposal Generator to preview your contract live. With simple dropdowns and checkboxes for customizing your bid, you can create a proposal based on your notes in minutes with templates that import your notes and data in seconds. No other estimating process for painting contractors can offer this responsiveness.

How you Benefit

Route was designed to help spend less of their time decrypting hurried notes and more of their time planning and executing their business plan. For those who value quality and hold a high standard, Route transforms your business and helps you master every aspect of your painting project management.

Importing notes, images, and space dimensions with a click, streamlines the work of translating handwritten notes into complete, client-facing proposals. You can bid on more projects, present a more professional image, and close more deals using Route.

In addition to revolutionizing your walkthroughs, estimates, and bids, Route can help schedule and manage your services. You can have full job transparency with Route as it helps you manage projects, complete tasks, and track efficiency. Route takes the notion of bidding and punch lists to the next level by tracking the status of all your projects as an owner at any time within the app.

Why it was Created

Route recognizes that the industry still uses outdated methods for conducting walkthroughs, creating proposals, and managing projects. Contractors lose money, time, and resources by translating notes into perfected proposals every time they seek a new client. Since many use paper-and-pen for managing teams, they lose efficiency and accuracy during the actual project.

By transforming the process, Route wants to increase efficiency, maximize profits, and build data-driven insights. As a painting professional, you can now close more deals with prospective clients and track your projects with current clients more efficiently.

From client walkthrough to team scheduling, Route allows you to use templates for your proposals and clear away obstacles by providing outstanding service. You can focus more on what matters to you by choosing Route for your next job.

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