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How To Perform A Walkthrough For Plumbing Services

Author: Route Nation

Performing Walkthroughs for Plumbing Services are a must when bidding on a job, particularly in the commercial space. This article outlines how service companies quote plumbing work, tools to bring on a plumbing walkthrough, what to look for, and everything you need to submit a plumbing service proposal.

A walkthrough for a plumber will prepare the professional to create a winning bid for installation or maintenance of a commercial space. The process will also negotiate the professional plumber’s credibility on the job. It will decide ultimately whether they succeed at joining the client’s project.

Whether your plumber walkthrough is completed on paper or through a specially-designed app for plumbing walkthroughs, you will have to repeat the process for each unique and interested client. We want you to choose a method that matches your business goals.

You might like the idea of the traditional approach of pen-and-paper. But, the stressful process of translating and losing notes doesn’t appeal to you. In fact, while pen-and-paper are traditional, they might leave contractors to believe that plumbing installation walkthrough or plumbing maintenance walkthrough are extremely difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth with the right tools for a walkthrough as a plumber.

Our guide for how to perform a plumbing service walkthrough gives you all the tips you need to nail this first part of a contract. It begins with preparing a walkthrough for plumbing installation or a walkthrough for plumbing maintenance through your appearance, client questions, and walkthrough tools. Then you complete a walkthrough checklist for plumbers with the help of our walkthrough builder to turn your insights into an irresistible bid.

Preparing for the Walkthrough for Commercial Plumbing Services

Attire at a Walkthrough for a Commercial Plumber

The choice of attire at a walkthrough for plumbing companies can be a bit of a disagreement. Some commercial plumbers feel they should come as they are comfortable, often in jeans and a reasonable shirt. And, there’s no disagreement that it’s important to be comfortable enough to complete the job with confidence. Many others recommend business casual, and we agree.

Business casual is just one of your tools for a plumbing walkthrough. It sends the idea that you mean business. Thinking of business casual as a one of many client-facing tools for plumbing contractors sends you on your way to prepare for your walkthrough in other ways.

What to Ask in a Walkthrough for Plumbing Contractors

Asking questions specific to the client and project site can help you acquire insight during your walkthrough. Prepare your questions in advance as one of the many things you know what to bring on a walkthrough as a plumber. It also helps you check off items from your plumbing walkthrough checklist below.

You might think about what you need to know in order to be more successful than previous contractors. But, you might also be interested in the client’s vision for your ideal services and what you can expect to set as a reasonable, regular budget. In particular, a walkthrough for plumbing installation or maintenance might benefit from knowing expectations for labor, material, and cost overall.

Remember to inquire about anything that will make your plumbing installation or maintenance walkthrough its best. The client will appreciate your earnest interest if you get specific with them and the project. In addition to covering plumbing basics, you might even learn critical points of data about the job such as project hours and coordination with other contractors.

What to Bring on a Plumbing Walkthrough

What do you bring for a plumbing walkthrough? That will vary depending on the specific service your walkthrough is geared towards. It may also depend on the size of the building and the scope of the project. In general, you will want to know as much as a you can about the building in advance (or pre-drywall) to minimize the number of tools you bring from the office. In some cases, a camera and way of recording your findings is enough.

We have a few notes here. If you have sufficient information about the spaces in which you will be working or will acquire these on site, bring a tool that allows you to record specifications and client responses to questions in a way that paints you in the best light. Pen-and-paper may be simplest, but it makes for a casual impression and comes with pitfalls we outline later. An app for plumbers may be a better choice.

How to Perform a Plumbing Service Walkthrough

At this point, you are prepared to follow a plumbing walkthrough checklist, prepare an attractive bid, and secure your hire as a commercial plumbing service provider. This section describes how to perform a plumbing installation walkthrough or how to perform a plumbing maintenance walkthrough in general. You can complete it with our walkthrough builder™ or punchlist.

Professional Plumbing Walkthrough Checklist

  • Greet your client, and inspect the project spaces. You want to start your walkthrough with a professional, inviting tone, so beginning your site inspection with a proper introduction is critical. Smile and greet your client as you would one of your existing. It will help clear any tension about bringing you into the fold and disclosing any requirements or project difficulties to you.
  • On your route, ask questions specific to the client. You have taken the time to prepare great questions for the client’s project. Remember to follow them up with those that come to mind conversationally and those which require any clarification. Your client will note your attention to the task at hand and remember how you brought insight to the discussion of their demands.
  • Discuss how you will estimate. This plumbing service walkthrough is as much about you as it is about the client. The process of coming into the space, inspecting, and asking questions requires you to bring openness as well. Make sure to explain how you work and describe what goes into your bid. The more of an impression you can make here the better.
  • Set expectations while recommending your services. While a client might expect that you will recommend your services to meet their building goals, help them to remain confident by communicating your unique preparedness for the project specifics more so than other plumbers. Also, note any aspects of their project that you can set definite promises for, such as regarding turn around time or active hours.
  • Review your insights. A crucial closing element of a successful walkthrough involves going over your findings and their responses to your client questions. It can give a moment of closure to a pleasant experience, and it allows the client to emphasize any detail that should go into your bid.
  • Leave contact information with a specific follow-up. Help the client to remain sure about your services with a promise to be in contact with a bid or proposal at a specific time. Let them know that you will want to follow-up with them personally as well, and this will allow you to thank the client again for their openness and interest.

Walkthrough Tools for Plumbing Service Contractors

Any tools you use to prepare for your walkthrough and perform it will impact your efficiency, ability to make a winning bid, and the impression you make on the client. We give a recap of some of the benefits and pitfalls of traditional tools for walkthroughs with the hope you will choose a modern, appropriate method for building your walkthrough.

Tools for Plumbing (And Plumbing Service Bids)

Many plumbers still rely on pen-and-paper to complete their walkthroughs. The approach, while traditional and common, has major drawbacks. Handwritten notes not only scatter your thoughts and ideas, but they can even communicate a lack of preparation and professionalism to your prospective client. Add to that the need to invest hours of careful attention to deciphering notes and translating them into a client-facing bid, and you’ll see why many plumbers have turned to more modern tools. (Not to mention the risk of permanently losing notes handwritten after a successful walkthrough…)

We recommend using more modern tools for plumbing service contractors that give a professional image. Route, our recommended solution for plumbing walkthroughs, has a custom Walkthrough Builder™ for plumbers to create client-specific walkthroughs and proposals every time.

The Route App for Professional Plumbing Walkthroughs

If you want to create walkthroughs and master the bid process, Route is a smart tool for business management for professional plumbers. Route helps you save time during your walkthrough, communicate professionalism throughout the proposal process, and helps you manage every aspect of your projects with unprecedented ease.

The advanced tool is build with the needs of professional plumbers in mind. Company owners can use it to increase profitability through effective bidding as well as effective project management. The app’s Walkthrough Builder™ is certain to transform how you perform your next walkthrough and send proposals.

Walkthrough Builder™ & Proposal Generator

How it works

Route does all you need to estimate your next plumbing service contract. It manages clients, schedules walkthroughs, and records your data (even plumbing codes). Route replaces traditional methods and maddening, handwritten notes. Prepare to take clear and cloud-ready notes on the job, and capture every detail of your client’s project with ease. You can record pipe types, engineering details, photos, and more.

Route’s Walkthrough Builder™ helps you avoid the most common mistake that plumbing service providers make: using pen-and-paper. It helps you exceed expectations from the start through quick and accurate bids using the Estimator. You can also share notes instantly and easily access them from any computer to write custom proposals for your plumbing contract.

The built-in Proposal Generator allows you to preview your contract as the client will see it. With simple menus and checkboxes for designing your bid, you can create a custom plumbing proposal based on your notes in minutes. The templates we provide allow you to import your client-specific data in seconds. No other estimate software or app can promise this.

How you benefit

Route was designed for plumbers. You want to spend less time on deciphering your notes, and you want to spend more of your time on your plumbing business. Route transforms your project management and allows you to master every aspect of your building services business.

Using notes, images, and data with a simple click, Route’s Walkthrough Builder™ and Proposal Generator simplifies the process of walkthroughs, estimates and proposals. With them, you can bid on more projects, present a professional image, and close more deals.

Not only does it revolutionize walkthroughs, estimates, and bids, but Route can help you schedule and manage all your services. You can achieve transparency with Route since it can help you manage projects, complete team tasks, and track everyone’s efficiency. Take the notion of bidding and plumbing service to a higher standard, and track the status of your client projects in a snap in one app.

Why it was created

Route sees that the industry relies on methods that hold back conducting walkthroughs, creating winning proposals, and managing effective projects. Plumbers lose time, resources, and money while they translate notes into client-facing proposals every time—from scratch. These same plumbers lose out on efficiency and accuracy on the job since they also manage teams and projects using pen-and-paper.

Route wants to transform the plumbing service process. As a plumbing professional, increase efficiency, maximize your profits, and build data-backed insights for your plumbing projects. With Route, you can close more contracts with impressed clients and track your current projects with greater transparency and efficiency.

From walkthrough to process, Route was designed to save time. We remove paper notes and lost data from the process, so you can focus on wowing your clients. Present proposals that win business with templates that are perfect and custom every time. Clear out paper-based blockades to your outstanding services. And, elevate your business by choosing Route for your next walkthrough.

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