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How To Perform A Walkthrough For Window Washing Services

Author: Route Nation

Performing Walkthroughs in the Window Washing Industry are a must when bidding on a job, particularly in the commercial space. This article outlines how service companies quote window washing work, tools to bring on a window washing walkthrough, what to look for, and everything you need to submit a window washing service proposal.

A window washing walkthrough prepares you to make a successful bid. During the process, you will establish your credibility with the client and it will decide whether you succeed at getting the contract.

There are many ways to approach a walkthrough for window washing companies. You can perform the walkthrough with pen-and-paper or through a specifically-designed app. Make sure that you choose a process that suits your business and needs.

With the right tools, you’ll find that anyone with passion and persistence can complete a successful walkthrough and make a winning bid. This guide for how will help you with everything you need to know.

It is important to prepare with the best tools for window washing walkthroughs. This guide will provide you with a complete window washing service walkthrough checklist. While you can use a punch list, we’ll show you how our Walkthrough Builder™ makes the whole process a breeze.

Preparing for the Walkthrough


Some believe that a walkthrough for commercial window cleaning services can be casual. This means jeans, a reasonable shirt, and cap. We agree with treating your attire as one of the tools that will make you successful on your walkthrough and recommend business casual.

Send the idea that you want your client’s trust and business by wearing a dress shirt and matching khakis on your next walkthrough. Thinking of your attire as a tool for winning business sense you on your way for the remaining steps of walkthrough preparation.

What to Ask

Preparing questions before your walkthrough allows you to get the most insight from your potential client. Think about how many things you need to know as a window cleaning professional. Check off the items from your checklist as you record details for the building and project. Use questions to establish facts about their budget and expectations for labor, materials, and cost.

A good rule of thumb is to consider what will make your window cleaning service walkthrough its best. The client will admire your attention to detail and preparedness. By preparing questions, you will also learn critical project details such as a cleaning schedule and on-site tools.

What to Bring

This will vary greatly depending on the state and size of the building as well as the scope of the project. You will need to bring certain required equipment, and maybe even your entire vehicle to get a feel for the project. In most cases, a camera and a good method for recording details is sufficient.

Remember that everything you bring will tell a story about you and your credibility. Bring a tool that is efficient, effective, and tells the story that you are the best choice for the project. For example, pen-and-paper may seem familiar and easy, but it gives a casual look to your business and bid. An app for window washing service walkthroughs may be a smarter choice.

How to Perform the Walkthrough

The window cleaning walkthrough checklist will prepare a winning bid and secure your contract with your future clients. You can complete it with our Walkthrough Builder™ or using your own method. Then, you will proceed to making your bid.

Window Cleaning Walkthrough Checklist:

  • Establish rapport with your client and inspect the project spaces.

Start every walkthrough with a professional greeting to begin a site inspection with a strong introduction. A polite and polished introduction may help clear your client’s tensions about giving you answers to your many questions and touring the relevant spaces.

  • Make sure to ask your prepared questions.

This will help you gain insight to the project. Some answers you will need clarification.

  • Discuss your estimate.

Your window washing walkthrough is about you and the client. Bring openness to the way you work by explaining what goes into your bid and proposal. Make an impression by showing the careful considerations your estimate will make.

  • Recommend your services and set expectations.

Go ahead and directly tell your client why your window washing services meet their needs. Also bolster their confidence by communicating your unique selling points. Note any aspects of the service you can promise, such as washing schedules and urgent service.

  • Review what you learn.

Go over your findings and their responses with the client to give a sense of closure to the walkthrough. It will allow the client to clarify any details that you can include in your best possible bid.

  • Leave your card with a follow-up time.

Will you be in touch at a specific time? Leave contact information and let your clients know when you will personally follow-up with them. It allows you to pursue your business with them without seeming pushy.

Walkthrough Tools

The tools you bring in preparation for the window cleaning walkthrough are important. They alter your efficiency, change how you make bids, and set an impression with your client. We want to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the most important tool on a window washing walkthrough: the Walkthrough Builder™.


Many window washing professionals still use pen-and-paper to build their walkthroughs. This approach has drawbacks that you may not realize.

You know scribbled notes scatter your thoughts and all the details, but they also hurt your professionalism and efficiency. They require hours of decoding to translate handwritten notes into a client ready bid. Your client sees that you rely on substandard tools for your walkthrough.

We recommend a modern approach for window washing professionals. Route, the app for window washing contractors, uses a custom Walkthrough Builder™ and Proposal Generator to give you a professional image both in-person and on your proposals.

The Route App

Route is a smart choice for professional window washers who want to create winning walkthroughs and bids. Route helps these professionals save time on walkthroughs, exude a professional image, and manage every aspect of their projects with ease.

It is an advanced app that was to help you increase profitability through effective bidding and efficient project management. The app’s built-in Walkthrough Builder™ and Proposal Generator transforms how you get business.

Walkthrough Builder™ and Proposal Generator

How it Works

Route was built for window washing proposals. It manages client profiles, schedules walkthroughs, and records all your walkthrough data. It can replace the handwritten notes that slow down your business so you can capture every detail with ease.

The most common mistake that window washing service providers make is using pen-and-paper for their walkthrough. Route helps you avoid this mistake and helps you exude confidence and professionalism from the beginning. It streamlines the bid design process and allows you to share information with your team in a snap.

The Proposal Generator lets you preview your bid as a client. With clear menus and checkboxes to create your proposal, you can create a custom bid in minutes versus hours. The templates it provides you with lets you import all your client data in seconds. No other app that we know of was designed so specifically for the window washing walkthrough.

How you Benefit

Route was made for window washing professionals. You aim to spend time managing and elevating your business. Route can transform your project management and master every element of your building service business.

First, Route imports notes, images, and data with a click. This simplifies the process of estimation and proposal writing. This will help you bid on more projects more quickly. By helping you communicate professionalism, you may get hired more often.

After the process of bids, walkthroughs, and estimates, Route can even help you schedule and manage your contract services. You can finally achieve the transparency you need with Route to manage projects, set team tasks, and track all your efficiency data. With one app, you can take the process of bidding and your window washing service to the next best level.

Why it was Created

Route saw an industry of building services relying on methods that held back service providers and their clients. Window washers lose time, money, and resources while they decipher scribbles into client-ready proposals from scratch. Those same people lost efficiency and accuracy on their live contracts since they managed teams with pen-and-paper as well.

Route wants to transform window washing walkthroughs and services. As a window washing professional, you can increase efficiency, maximize profits, and build insights on your projects with a modern approach. Route can help you impress clients and track your projects with efficiency and transparency.

From the beginning of the walkthrough to the team’s final touches on the building, Route was designed to help. It removes the maddening element of paper notes and their poor effects on performance and professionalism. You can now focus on impressing your clients with your services without the baggage of pen-and-paper notes that slow down your bid process and actual contracts.

Present custom proposals that get business with templates that perfectly import your notes and data every time. Grow your business by choosing Route for your next walkthrough.

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