About Route

The Platform

Built for the unique and complex needs of service providers in spaces such as commercial cleaning, Route is the only walkthrough, bidding and job proposal software that brings together the essentials of the sales process in one cross platform solution.
Featuring a robust web portal and a mobile app with offline capabilities, Route is fundamentally changing the game for service providers with tools never before seen by the industry that transform the way companies sell.
Walkthrough Builder™ collects and organizes the scope of work in real time while you're actually in the prospect's space. After reviewing the information, calculate a bid with Route's Estimator and generate a Proposal supercharged by custom templates, personalization, and automation that bring you and your team unprecedented visibility, growth, and productivity.

The Company

Coming from a fast growing building services company that started from commercial cleaning in Chicago, we've gone the extra mile to engrain our subject matter expertise in to each and every aspect of the platform. We like to say Route was built by service providers, for service providers.


Our vision is to usher in the future of work for service providers.


Our mission is to revolutionize the sales process for commercial cleaning and building service companies with a comprehensive toolkit that establishes data driven standards for bidding while offering our user community with ways to grow collectively and profitably.

Core Values


Whether it's new technologies, best practices or the social conscience of the industry, we're always striving to be a force for progress.


We put people at the center of everything we do. A collaborative mentality makes our whole much greater than the sum of our parts.


Disruptive thinking and innovation is a part of who we are, and there's no place we'd rather be than in the trenches bringing the future of sales to life.


Being co founded by Entrepreneurs, our work goes beyond the boundaries of an ordinary job and permeates throughout our team, our culture, and our work.


We are proud and life-long, continuous learners dedicated to bettering ourselves and becoming thought leaders to help those around us achieve their dreams.

The Team

Ricky Regalado


Ricky Funk

Chief Technology Officer

Victor Fuentes

Full Stack Engineer

Domenico Amoroso

Support Specialist

Dominic Amoroso

Customer Success